Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Real Moms Book Review...

I didn’t have gold shoes, and I didn’t have time to go shopping, but I thought I could just spray-paint some heels I owned that I never really wore. I spray-painted them and tried them out for three hours at church where they held up perfectly. I felt pretty good about myself. “Suckers who buy gold shoes when they could just spray-paint them,” I thought, congratulating myself for my frugality and my foresight for testing them out.
As moms, we improvise. We get along. We make things word. And we make a lot of things up as we go along because, let’s face it, no manual is ever going to cover all the bases a real mom needs to touch. But if laughter and perspective and a renewed energy to face the day are what you’re after—if you too are a “real mom”—this is the book for you!

My review:

I really love this book! It is full of humor, helpful tips, encouragement and much more. I love the part that talks about giving yourself a day off. What an excellent idea! I know as a mom when I feel renewed and make time for myself, then everyone is happier.

My heart was touched when she shares her thoughts on the Atonement of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. What a great book written by a mom that has experience. It makes you laugh, smile and feel uplifted! I highly recommend reading this and know you will love it! 

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Kim said...

After a day today with my kids, this sounds like just what I need to read! Thanks for the review!

Nancy said...

This sounds like a must read, adding it to my list now.

Beth said...

I am excited to get this for Mother's Day for my sister :)

Lisa said...

I am a mom and want to read this!