Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MissionaryMall Review and $260.00 Luggage Giveaway...

Our son will soon be going to Brazil and we got the awesome opportunity to review several products from the MissionaryMall! I am so excited to share this amazing company with you!
When we first got there my son was excited to see the huge cool map they have on the wall. He got to stick a pin in it showing where he will be going.
Then came the for everything he will need for Brazil.
First we picked out a suit for him. We liked that they had a good variety for us to choose from. They measured him and helped us find one that looks really sharp!

Next we headed to the great selection of ties. It was so fun to see all the colors they offer. We love that these ties are washable, what a brilliant idea!
It's awesome how many things the MissionaryMall carries. There's so many great advantages to shop for all your needs here! 
They do a ton of research with each thing they carry to make sure it's high quality and will last. 
One of our favorite things they offer is the... 
Two Year Wearproof Guarantee

The two-year wear-proof guarantee covers items purchased from their store which wear out during the course of active, full-time missionary service. Worn out items may be returned via photograph (electronic files, photocopies, etc. are acceptable proof of a wear out) or by sending the item back to the store. If the exact item is not available, then a substitution will be sent of equal or greater value. MissionaryMall will then either replace or repair the item. 
We plan to go visit the MissionaryMall again sometime to get my Hubby a suit and some new luggage for us. Make sure to check out their website to see all the cool things they have. I like the videos they have on the site telling about their products. We got our son's suit, belts, shirts, ties, shoes, pants, socks, day pack, handkerchiefs and so much more from them. They also have a gift registry which is a fabulous idea!

See how great he looks in his fancy new suit... 
Thank you so very much to the MissionaryMall for the awesome products and customer service, you rock! 

Now here's the really exciting part... 

Thanks to the MissionaryMall I get to give one lucky winner the $260.00 luggage set shown below!
To win head over to my other site HERE to enter!